At work one of the most exciting things I got to do was decorate the white board.  The white board was located in the back room on the back of the door.  The best was if the door was left open slightly, customers could easily see the “decoration”.  It was usually only updated for contests or for information about new products, but one time I  got to feed my creative side and I drew this:

All the characters are my coworkers.

Jennifer tends to be the “goody two shoes” compared to the rest of us at work…not necessarily outside of it though. She is always winning the contests and is one of our best employees.

Julia plays the role of a slacker, not in a bad way of course, and is always ready for a good eat. (one of the jokes here is that Julia could easily just be hungry and not an infected zombie.

My character (Jane) is Julia’s minion, I do what she tells me to and am usually equally interested in food as well

Irina is usually interested mostly in massages, which makes her come unaware of what is happening a lot of the time.

Teresa is the head manager and is usually included last minute when I realize I have forgotten to add her.  Not because she isn’t interesting but because she is a lot like all of our mom, and unfortunately for her I have a Charlie Brown Complex.