Zane is the series that features the adventures of my friend Zach and me.  It first began as just doodling during classes.  This is the plan for Zach and my Halloween costume for this year…Siamese twins.  We decided we would have to go to Wal-Mart to find clothes that would fit the both of us.  And clown shoes.  The other accessories (mustache, cat whiskers, spinning hat etc.) are just added for hilarity.  I hope it insues.

There is a classmate in Zach and my Bible as a Literature class, who will turn and stare at us constantly throughout class.  He is named Creepy Guy.  We decided one day to count…he stared 12.5 times in the matter of 50 minutes.  Not even glaring at him will stop him.  The Devil and Angel were made in response to Zach’s request that I draw characterizations of the counterparts Good and Evil.