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Prunus dulcis


Liriodendron tulipifera

My beautiful friend Megan has a bad habit of wearing hideous shoes.  She had a pair last year that I called “loafers” because they looked like loaves of bread.  Here’s to Megan and her shoes I hate!!!!! (All said with much love!)

I am in the process of scanning a bunch of stick figures! People were complaining, which I guess is a good thing. 🙂

Aristocrat Flowering Pear

Practice makes perfect so I thought I would post some of my drawings and doodles when trying out new characters or looks!



I have been taking a break recently I will be updating the site soon!


Just thought I would create  a Wordle for It Figures.  The results are very interesting.  Here it is!

Giant Sequoia

For Megan and my Arts Administration class, Bernie Schultz the Dean of the College of Creative Arts at WVU came and spoke to us.  To sum up his discussion it was phenomenal.  Schultz is a genuine person who is smart, respectable and best of all knows what he is talking about.  Any who Megan, awestruck admitted that she in fact loves Bernie Schultz.  This is actually quite appropriate considering when she and I played MASH last he turned out to be her husband.  Ah love…


Don’t worry I only drew this after taking about four pages of notes…