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Alright for me, this comic was the funniest one I have written.  I’m not going to lie I was laughing the entire time I was drawing it…

Make-Over 1Make-Over 2Make-Over 3Make-Over 4Make-Over 4


Just something I made in Zach’s spiral, in his Chinese-Japanese Religion Class. 🙂


I thought I would include a portrait of the Quad.  The members of the Quad are Madison, Megan, Nicole, and I.  Basically we are the cool kids in our Art History classes…or so we would like to think…And despite the picture Madison doesn’t look like Hilary Clinton in real life…

This is a portrait of Zach with robot hands.  It’s based off of a white lie that he told to Will, the 5 year old at Bubble Tea.  It made perfect sense for him to say it at the time, although now Megan, Zach, and I can’t remember why he said it…

Probably the most accurate picture of Zach I have ever drawn.  🙂

Azalea Formosa

These two drawings were created in Zach’s Chinese and Japanese Religion class.  I’m not a student of the class, but I join him sometimes to entertain him.  This first one I was having difficulty drawing profiles of my character’s faces, which was crucial to the story I was trying to write.  So I wrote about how frustrated I was.

I was considering becoming a nude model for a figure drawing class.  ($12 and hour!)  So, I was literately practicing at my house.  I came up with a scenario that could actually happen in real life…that is if I didn’t pay attention to Zach’s obnoxious knocking or yelling that he always does when he enters my apartment.

Box Elder

Alright this was the first comic of the Zane series.  It was sparked when Zach requested I draw him doing something gross…and I sucessfully grossed him out when he saw what I had drawn.

*Just a note: Zach despite having a habit of mooning -when he is in the mood- wears pants   🙂


Zane is the series that features the adventures of my friend Zach and me.  It first began as just doodling during classes.  This is the plan for Zach and my Halloween costume for this year…Siamese twins.  We decided we would have to go to Wal-Mart to find clothes that would fit the both of us.  And clown shoes.  The other accessories (mustache, cat whiskers, spinning hat etc.) are just added for hilarity.  I hope it insues.

There is a classmate in Zach and my Bible as a Literature class, who will turn and stare at us constantly throughout class.  He is named Creepy Guy.  We decided one day to count…he stared 12.5 times in the matter of 50 minutes.  Not even glaring at him will stop him.  The Devil and Angel were made in response to Zach’s request that I draw characterizations of the counterparts Good and Evil.