Quercus muehlenbergii


Kolkwitzia amabilis

Fagus Grandifolia

My friend Madison is one of my favorite characters to draw.  Maybe because I have been seeing her 5 days out of the week, and sometimes more for the past three years now.  I have lots time to perfect her character.

Usually when I work on new characters, I make sure to draw my figure next to them to compare….sometimes I also include her reaction to them.

There are other times when, since I only work in pen, that the characters I make don’t work.  This is an example of that….

Betula Lenta

This past semester I took a class on Italian Renaissance art.  Naturally I doodled.  We learned about the Cathedral Dome in Florence, designed by Brunelleschi. My professor told us a story about how it came to be, apparently Brunelleschi was commissioned to design the dome.  When the patrons asked him how they were to execute it, since it’s structure seemed impossible,  he was insulted, asked for an egg and a plate, then made this proposition:

“If you can make this egg stand on its own, then you can use my plans and build it yourself.  If you cannot, you will give me permission to execute the dome myself.”

The patrons tried and weren’t able to, Brunelleschi took the plate and cracked the egg’s bottom making it stand, because well he’s badass like that.  My portrait of him is from that story.  The sketch is of the dome itself.

Staphylea Pinnate

…another doodle from Ali’s class (Portrait of Ali on the left and me dancing on the left)

Koelreuteria Bipinnata

I joined my roommate Ali in class and got bored. Oddly enough the next class she had, they watched a Charlie Chaplin movie. This also gives you an idea of my note taking.

I am in the process of scanning a bunch of stick figures! People were complaining, which I guess is a good thing. 🙂