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A fridge contest:

Chef Partrick was a friend of Julia’s, that was a chef 🙂 That was just a joke of inside variety.



There was a competition at work for a prize.  The prize would go to the person that sold the most modern friction and/or serum.  Jennifer sells an ungodly amount of Modern Friction already.  Julia was joking about why there was going to be a contest in the first place because we all knew Jennifer was going to win.   Teresa told her it was to get everyone else to sell more and maybe she would be able to beat Jennifer.  Julia then claimed that she was going to have to strangle Jennifer to get the prize.

Now Julia did have Jennifer beat in serum sales.  This cartoon was made for the contest:

Julia thought the contest was just for selling Modern Friction and I am trying to remind her.

Well once that week was over the contest winner was Jennifer.  In both categories.  So I changed the picture a little. (the small post its on the bottom of the picture are some of the character profiles)

Well Teresa was so happy with how the contest boosted our sales so she decided to do again but for appointments.  So I drew this: